DIY Paper Bag Skirt (Upcycled)


I have always been on the Crafty side of things, I think it is just in my nature.  This time around I wanted to tackle on sewing.

It has been many years since I have been behind a machine, so I was quite nervous that I would make a stitch on my finger, luckily enough I still had it in me.

I wanted to try to create my own paper bag skirt using an old shirt that I no longer wear, and let me tell you that ” I am damn proud of myself”.

So I started off with this Shirt, I haven’t worn it in a long while, and I thought that it would make a great skirt.



I ended up cutting the sleeves off, and cutting a bit of the top half off, did a few straight stitches here and there, and this is my after results.

Seriously, how cute does it look? It was so easy to put together.  I am going to make a note to myself, that if I come across some old shirts in my closet..not to get rid of them.   Instead make them all into cute fashionable skirts.

I also made another Paper Bag skirt for a friend of mine, aren’t I just the best?

This really is a before and after pic of the same Item, the shirt was just taken under different lighting, I swear!

So what do you all think? Should I start my own line of Paper Bag skirts?


Amazing Tropical Vacation Giveaway 2019


The weather here in my city has been pretty wack for the past few days, one day we would have a beautiful sunny hot day, and the next would consist of snow and rain.  At this point I wish I can be vacationing some hot and Tropical.

At this moment, all I can do is wish, because I don’t think I will Vacationing any time soon.  Luckily enough for one lucky reader/viewer, you can be on your way to a hot Tropical beautiful Get away.

I have teamed up with Via Fair Travels to Host this Amazing Giveaway!!!!  This Giveaway will consist of 12 Winners!!!!

Here Is what the Prizes will Consist of.

1st prize winner will win a 1 week ( 6 nights) stay for 2 (persons) in a stunning Eco retreat on a Lush and beautiful Island in Southern Thailand.  Breakfast Included!

2nd to 6th will win a pair of Raramuri Sandals which is noted to be the best Sandals for every travel adventure + a 20% discount on all accommodation offers of Island Hide out

7th to 12th winner will win a 100% organic and ethical Eco Statement T-shirt by Eco Chic Tribe with your statement of choice + a 20% discount on all accommodation offers of Island Hide out.

How to Enter

All you have to do is head over to my Instagram Post and follow the simple rules!

  • You have to follow my Instagram account
  • like my post
  • follow the other 3 accounts I teamed up with
  • tag as many friends as you like

The Contest ends May 5 2019 at 10 pm, and Finalist will be chosen on my account randomly by a Picker app, and will participate in the Final draw of the Winners.  This will be conducted with a random picker app and filmed by Via fair Travels as proof of lottery.

All the winners must be following all indicated accounts in order to quality, (trust me we all check).  The winners will be published on Via fair Travels Instagram account on May 8 2019 15:00 CEST.

Make sure to head over to my Instagram post where you can find here, for full rules and details of how to enter.

I am very excited to be part of this amazing giveaway, and I wish you all the best and Good Luck!!!!



I have a passion for creating art with hair. A lot of my friends and family know this about me. When I have an opportunity to do something with my hair, you know I’m always on top of it.

I was hanging out with a good friend one beautiful Friday morning, and she had some spray on purple on her hair, I said to her that I could make a semi permanent purple look if she’s down. Surprisingly she obliged, so this is when we planned our evening of wine and hair.



She has really dark hair that she recently colored, and agreed to add some purple highlight, when people I know are down to add some extra color to their hair…it makes me extremely Happy.

Products used.

D84CB87E-120D-4F8A-B737-3FDD94A2E42C.jpegTo lighten her hair,   I am using the Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Vario Blonde Bleach and I am pairing that up with The Schwarzkopf Blonde Me 20 Volume Developer.

B975F13A-E4EC-4B44-8DB7-48C9D10D1C8C.jpegFor the Color, I am using Ion Color Brilliance Neon Brights in Radiant Orchid.


I just want to put it out there that I am not a professional, I have just learned everything on my own through watching videos and past experiences.  I am not charging my friend for my service, because I am NOT a hair professional.  I am basically doing it for her because I am such an awesome friend!!!

The Technique

I started the foiling technique on the left side of her head, and starting at the bottom I would do a thin slicing technique, place in on the foil and apply the bleach evenly.  For the next section i would do a weaving technique, place that on the foil and repeat.



So I would basically repeat the process with the slicing and weaving technique until I reached the middle top, and then I would repeat the same thing on the other side, and the back.

Once I completed to foils, we let that process for about 30-40, and checking every so often how the lift turned out.

Since she had previously colored her hair a deep purple black color, we were not going to achieve that level of lightness with the bleach, so it pretty much lifted to a brassy orange tone with some red tones as well.  Light enough for the purple shade to pick up.

I got her to wash and dry her hair, and this is how it turned out.  Normally I never know how my foil techniques would turn out, But I have to say that I did a pretty damn good job for a NON PROFESSIONAL.


Now its time for the fun part, Time to put that Radiant Orchid on my gorgeous Friend.

Although it didn’t really turn out too purple, She loved it non the less! If she is happy, then I am happy!!!

What do you guys think? It’s a very subtle look, with a little pop of edginess.

💋💋Sharee Anonuevo 💋💋


Why BoxyLuxe is Worth it

F7E275AF-1A08-4284-803D-368FF8210EC5.jpegI have talked about being Subscribed to BoxyCharm a few posts back, and why I love it.  In this post I am going to talk about BOXYLUXE, and why it’s so great.

As a Boxy Charmer, you receive a box of 4-5 products every single month for $20, and with being a charmer, you also have the option to up grade your subscription to BOXYLUXE.

What is BoxyLuxe?

Boxyluxe is an upgrade to your monthly Boxycharm subscription where you will receive it in March, June, September, and December.  You will receive an upgraded box with a total of 9-10 full sized beauty items worth over $250.  During these months, you will be billed an additional $28.99 + tax on top of your $20 for your monthly BoxyCharm Payment.

Will I receive 2 boxes on those Upgraded months?

No, you will end up receiving a Bigger than usual box for BoxyLuxe.  In the BoxyLuxe box you will receive the 4-5 beauty products that every Charmer will get plus 4-5 extra full sized products for your upgraded subscription.

I received my BoxyLuxe box In March, and I am pretty impressed with everything that I got.  I am serious when I say that I haven’t bought a single makeup product ever since I’ve been subscribed.  There seriously nothing else I need.

My Box came late in the Month of March due to Courier and shipping issues, but you know..better late than never.

So let me share with you what came in this Boxyluxe Box.


Comes with 6 must have skin complexion essentials in a one travel-friendly palette.  The Talc-free formula provides seamless blending and a flawless application.  The palette comes with a finishing powder, highlights, contour, blush and brighter to give you that perfect finishing look with an extra  glow.  MSRP – $ 45.00


9792F2C8-0FFE-4FC2-A3F6-7EAE6D0042DBThis mirrored palette features 15 creamy powerfully pigmented shades.  Want to create a perfect natural day look and then transition to a seductive night time look? This palette is perfect for that.  MSRP – $20.00


A341A9CC-4ED3-4A74-876C-CBEA2BABD0B0The Innovative two-shade liquid brow compact allows you to create your perfect looking brows with little to no effort.  MSRP – $40.00 


D5517AFA-04CE-4028-9C98-F0E6C116D348A moisturizing, 8-hour long wearing silky satin lip color is a perfect tool to give you that seductive pout, as it is infused with the next generation of hyaluronic acid.  MSRP – $24.00


65AF508E-22D3-4813-9C86-1E1D5F89E249.jpeg“Developed with plastic surgeons, Confidence in a cream is your new #1 anti aging moisturizers”  

This cream works great with all skin types, even for the most sensitive.  Confidene in a cream works to reduce the look of pores, discoloration, lines and wrinkles, and improves the look of firmness.  Definitely a must try.  MSRP – $48.00


This mask will purify the skin instantly leaving it feeling refreshed.  It contains  a blend of acai, goji berry, blueberry, lychee, mangosteen and green tea extracts.  This super replenishing mask drives quickly and peels off effortlessly, revealing a smoother, cleaner and brighter complexion.  MSRP- $34.00


These limited edition faux mink lashes are the perfect pair to add some positive drama to your life.  These winged style cruelty-free lashes are so durable enough to give you about 20 wears out of it. MSRP- $24.99

526568E9-49B6-4FE6-B2AE-87A044D94159.jpeg|MODA BRUSHES| POWDER AND SOFT AND GLOW

These 2 brushes were designed to give you your desired perfect look.  it the the perfect rose gold handles, and super soft bristles that are very gentle to the skin, another great staple to your brush collections.  MSRP – $29.99


09A95C02-F7C1-4048-A78B-AF264C3F9AA2.jpegThis Nail polish duo set are the perfect shades to give you that professional look done at home.  It contains 10 active ingredients to deliver healthy nails with out any damage.  MSRP – $20.00


8291552B-17C7-407D-9C56-6EFD8D671722.jpegThis traincase is super cute and chic, and the perfect accessory to fit all the goodness that came in this months BoxyLuxe box.  Great way to take all your glam supplies for the on goers.

So as you all saw, this box came with so much product.  If I calculate the cost of all the products combined, it comes up to $301.98.  This is if you buy all these products separately, but if you are subscribed to boxy charm and upgrade to BoxyLuxe, you are only paying $48.99 for this box full of high end products.

Now if that isn’t a deal, then I don’t know what is.

Subscribe to BoxyCharm here.





Dying My Roots Pink with Temporary Hair Dye

A0317A32-D92E-43CD-9D15-6562867959A4I don’t call myself the Chameleon Queen for nothing.

The name resided in my mind when I would constantly change my hair color, sorted or like a chameleon changing its color.

It has been a long while since I’ve put any fun colors in my hair, so I wanted to give it a try yet again.

I was thinking to my roots pink, but I did not want  I fully commit to it, just in case I wouldn’t like it

So this is when I decided to give the L’Oréal Colorista Temporary Spray another shot.  I picked up the Hot Pink shade so I can try the mastering technique of a colored Shadow Root….kidding about the mastering part.

8DB318D5-41A9-4A5C-A9D5-6DA309DACDF1The product is perfect for this trial as it is a wash out dye, so no commitment required.


I created a video on how I did this hair look, and after seeing the end results I feel I may want to go ahead and turn my roots pink! What do you guys think?

Aspiring Model on The Loose

My Gorgeous niece recently turned 19 years of age, and she wanted to celebrate her Birthday by having a photo shoot.

So what does any normal supportive Auntie do? Of course be the acting photographer for her birthday wish.

When someone else in the family sparks the same interest as to make their Gram more Insta worthy and aesthetically pleasing, you know I’m always on board.

This Lovely lady is Super Photogenic, so it made the photography aspect flow much more smoothly.

She is definitely model material, and I hope by doing this, it will help her get noticed and land some sponsored deals! Heck, if I had my own brand, I’d have her hired right away!

Follow this aspiring model on Instagram Here.  Let’s all work together to get this girl a gig!

Hope you enjoyed some of my favourite shots of her.


💋💋 Sharee Anonuevo

How To Maintain Icy Blonde Hair

E9133E3C-D62A-48AB-98DF-843334F75066Icy Blonde hair seems to be the look every one wants to achieve, but it definitely comes with a big price.

Coming from an asian ethnic with natural dark hair, going blonde is  Process.  It is quite costly, if you have naturally dark hair and want to achieve that Icy Blonde look, you have to expect to pay around $300 and up.

Mind you, you might have to go back for another session, because let’s face it, most likely you will not achieve what you want in one sitting.  Keep in mind that stylist charge their high fees not only to get the look you want , but also for their time and professional education.

People tell me all the time “I want your hair color” and I have to keep telling them that I did not achieve my blonde in one day, it took me many different sessions to get it as light as I have it, you need to have time and patience for a look like this, it is definitely not an easy task.

I personally have been going blonde for many years now, but what is different is that I do my own hair.  If you have been following me on my YouTube Channel, then you know that doing my own hair is what I am known for.

This is just a personal preference, but if you want to go blonde and you have never done your own hair, PLEASE DO TAKE SOME PRECAUTIONS, DO YOUR RESEARCH and don’t just jump into it.  Working with any kind of lightener is scary especially if you come at it totally blind sided.

So a suggestion for first time Blonde Wannabe’s, GO TO A PROFESSIONAL.

I am just very comfortable doing my own hair from past experiences, and I know what I like, and I know if and when my hair can handle it.

With That being said, let’s talk about how to maintain your blonde hair once you have achieved it.


Keeping up with icy blonde hair is a major up keep, where you need to use the right products and the right shampoos so that the hair doesn’t turn into that dreadful brassy shade.

When talking shampoo, I am sure most of you know it’s PURPLE SHAMPOO.  

  • The purple in the purple shampoo work to color-correct warm tones in blonde hair, it helps to neutralize and hide the brassy tones in blonde hair.

There are many purple shampoos in the market, and the ones I have personally used were the Shimmer Lights shampoo, and the Temporary Color Care Ash Lathering Toner by Blonde Brilliance.



These shampoos work really well to counter act the brass, but I find that using the shimmer lights shampoo is very drying to my hair, as it contains sulfate.

What is Sulfate?

Sulfate is a specific chemical found in most shampoo’s, and its ingredients is what creates the foamy texture when you shampoo your hair.

  • With the frequent use of products containing Sulfate, it can effect your scalp and hair, resulting in the stripping away of natural proteins an oils.


Stay Away from Sulfate

As much as possible, I like to find a shampoo that is sulfate free, and does the work it says its does.  I can not afford to have bad hair in my life.

Hello to Fanola

So this is where Fanola No yellow Purple Shampoo comes in to Play.

60867ED5-A183-41C2-B860-02C0F09314C1.jpegI Have heard a lot of good stuff about the  Fanola No yellow purple Shampoo, and i wanted to put it to the test.  Luckily enough around the same time I was going to make a purchase of the No yellow Shampoo, I was contacted by the Brand saying that they wanted to send me some products.  I was so ecstatic  as the timing was perfect.

Fanola sent me a bunch of hair goodies, and among those was the Vegan no Yellow Purple Shampoo and the Vegan no yellow Purple Mask.

Some info about the Purple Shampoo

  • this vegan Shampoo neutralizes yellow reflections after bleaching the hair.  This Shampoo is formulated with intense violet pigments giving the hair a cool, bright, even reflection.
  • the shampoo contains no sulfate, silicones or parabens.

875278BA-46AE-4920-A6E3-D08ECD5931E9.jpegHow to use

To use it, you can apply it to dry hair, as if you are toning it, and leave it on for a few minutes to take effect, and then wash your hair as you normally would.

Or you can use it in the shower on damp hair, massage it through the hair thoroughly, leave on for 2-5 minutes and rinse.  Note:  This product does stain the hands, so if you can, wear gloves.

If you bleach your hair to a level 8-10 (or pale yellow like the inside of a banana peel) you can use the shampoo and mask as a replacement of a toner, and you will get some great results.

Staying Loyal To Fanola

After using The Fanola No yellow Purple Shampoo, I think it is safe to say that I will not be using any other purple shampoo, this stuff is literally magic for blonde hair.

Do you want savings?

If you are blonde, or thinking about going blonde, I highly recommend trying the Fanola No Yellow purple Shampoo and Mask, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  You can check out their line Here, and if you use my discount code Sharee10 at the checkout, you will receive 10% off of your first purchase.


Hug Your Home and be Thankful


Recently the Parade of Homes started in our city, and my family and I decided to have a look into these wonderful homes.

Parade of Homes is a show case of new homes held annually in several regions.

We have no intentions of buying a new home, as our current house is still fairly brand new.  We just wanted to take a look at the beautiful show case of homes…no harm in that.


These homes gave me all the feels with walking in and having instantly been hit with the smell of a newly built house… brought back so much memories.

B1A0551C-506F-4FA9-BF26-2982BA309035I have to admit, looking at these homes made us all feel like building a brand new house, it is just so Inspiring with all the gorgeous interior designs.  Makes me question myself why I can’t design my house to look this good.

FC2E29CC-7D11-4DD0-886A-70B9B7260F83.jpegAt the end of it all, we were all just grateful that we have a place where we call HOME.  Although there is no harm in looking at other homes,  sometimes it makes us want more than what we have, but we came to realize that we were here for inspiration, that’s all it is…Inspiration.

8AA249E5-C35D-490E-9B62-5F3ED275A3C1.jpegNow we must all go home and Hug our Home and just be thankful for what we have.

    💋 xoxo 💋 Sharee Anonuevo

Karmin Salon Series Ultralight Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

It feels like it has been a Hot minute since I had a new Hair Dryer.  I literally had mine for a good 10 years, and hanging on to dear life.

I think it was definitely time to let it go, I’ve had some ups and downs with it, all the way from long hair to short hair, from black hair to blonde hair, to it only turning on when it wanted to, so I had to say good-bye.

Now this is when the Karmin Pro hair dryer comes in.  I have always wanted a good hair dryer to add to my collection of hair tools, one that dries quick, but won’t dry out your hair.

This is the Karmin Salon Series Ultralight Professional Ionic Hair Dryer.

This Dryer is designed to prevent damage and dry out, and it features an electronic Ion generator which works to generate over 300 million negative Ions, which helps reduce the drying time by 70%, on top of that it helps by adding shine which leaves your hair feeling smooth and soft.

I have never had my hands on a professional hair dryer before, so I am feeling quite blessed to have this beauty in my possession.

Now you are probably wondering “well Sharee, how much is this hair dryer?”.  Ok, this might seem like a shook, because it was for me when I saw the retail price.  TheKarmin Professional hair dryer retails for $289.95, but it is on sale at the moment for $229.95.  Still on the high side, but in all honesty, if you compare this Karmin Pro hair dryer to any other professional hair dryers, this one is pretty much just like a penny in the Pocket.

I say it’s quite a good investment.  If you want great hair, you definitely have to invest in it by getting the right tools and products for your hair.

I Highly recommend this hair dryer to any hair professionals out there, I guarantee your clients will leave your salon feeling inspired with their new Healthy and Shiny Hair.

Unlike other professional Dryers, this One is Ultra Lightweight with an ergonomic design, which provides you to work comfortably while styling…reducing the hand, wrist and arm fatigue.

Here are some more product Features

  • the ionic technology reduces frizz, while enhancing the shine.  Repels static and seals the hair’s cuticle for a perfectly smooth finish.
  • the moist ceramic heat and the far infrared rays work to dry the hair from inside out a lot more quicker than regular hair dryers.
  • guarantees longer lasting styling results, while improving the hairs moisture balance for healthier, shinier results.

This Limited edition karmin Salon series include:

  • a diffuser attachment good for wavy or curly hairstyles
  • ionic tourmaline concentrator attachment for smooth air flow.
  • warranty card with product verification.

Now if that doesn’t sound convincing enough to get your hands on this amazing limited edition dryer, maybe coupon code will help.  Use my code shareeanonuevo to receive 10% off of your first purchase.

Tell me, who doesn’t like a deal?

Watch my Full Video of my unboxing experience with the Karmin Pro Salon Series Hair Dryer.



I was shopping at my local a Dollarama store when I came across some hair extensions. I didn’t think much of it at the time, so I ignored it and walked away.

So on my next Dollarama visit I convinced myself to buy it and just test it out. I have to say that it was the best decision I made.

This was the hair piece that I bought, and I believe it was only $4. It was a ponytail extension, but in fishtail form. I ended up buying 2 boxes just incase I really like it.

The store only had brown coloured hair pieces, but I figured I’d make it work regardless. As I was walking around the mall, a light bulb went off in my head.

I Instantly had a solution to make the extensions match my hair. Mind actual hair color is a silvery grey color, which will definitely not match the hair piece. So I made my way over to Shoppers drug mart, where I was looking for a particular spray.

This Spray is a root touch up spray, meant to cover up grey hairs, but I thought it could work to turn my hair brown. And it did!!

This is what the hair piece looked like when I put it on, clearly you can see how it does not match. The braid itself is pretty cute, but didn’t really do anything for me.

So I had another bright idea!! I decided to remove the braids and see what the hair looks like.

Guys…I was so SHOOK!!

The hair was so beautiful, long and so full!! I was amazed beyond belief how this dollar store extension could look this good! I literally felt like I won!!!

Arianna who????

Since I bought 2 boxes, I decided to remove be braids off of the other one and use both on my hair for some added volume.

I’m dead!!! Look how freakin good that looks! And look how well my real hair blends with the brown extensions.

You would not know I was wearing fake hair, let alone a Dollarama purchase.!!

If you have a Dollarama store near you, go to it right away and look for these Revlon fishtail braids extensions, you will not be disappointed!

Check out my full video review Here of the hair pieces, while you are there, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE !